How to Take Great Skateboarding Shots?

Skateboard PhotographySkateboarding photography can be exciting and fun, given that you know how to go about taking great skateboarding shots. However, you also need to note that it’s kind of beyond your general photography skills, and you may have to spend quite a bit of time learning some unique photography skills before you can start taking great skateboarding shots.

That being said, here are some useful tips that will help you take stunning skateboarding shots.

Using Shutter Speed Priority

It’s important to capture the movement and motion to take great skateboarding shots. You need to shoot on shutter speed priority for this purpose, as it allows your camera to shoot with the right aperture settings and get the right exposure.

While the ideal shutter speed may depend on a few factors, primarily the speed of your subject, you may want to start at 1/250fps and adjust it as needed.

Shooting in Bursts

Speed and motion are crucial while taking skateboarding pics. Even a delay of a few milliseconds may result in turning what could have been an amazing shot into a pretty ordinary or poor one.

Hence, the ideal thing to do seems to be using multiple exposures and taking shots in bursts. The best one of those shots may turn out to be the perfect one.


While creating skateboarding photography, it’s important to turn off the autofocus. This helps you take much better shots than you otherwise could.

However, setting the autofocus off is probably the easiest thing to do. You would have to focus manually as well as shot at the right time, which can be quite a task.

Basically, you would want to choose a point as the focus, and take the shot exactly when the skater comes to that particular spot. This will make sure that the image turns out sharp, and shows the skater at the peak of action.

Keeping a Clean Background

If the background isn’t clean and too attention-seeking, it may take the focus away from the skater. Usually, using the sky as the background turns out great.

Also, you may also want to get low while taking the shot, as skaters fly high and it will help show them in the best position of their trick.

However, while doing this, you also need to ensure that you are still including the obstacles and the surface, as these things help create a contrast to the skater.

A Final Word

While there are also several other tips you may want to learn, the ones mentioned above seem to be some of the most important ones, and may help you create great skateboarding photography.